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FIBA International Referee Instructors 2009 and after

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According to the FIBA Internal Regulations "The programme and the names of the FIBA Instructors conducting the clinic must be submitted by the FIBA Zone to the FIBA Secretariat for approval."
The FIBA Zones are free to choose and propose to the FIBA Secretariat any lecturer they consider appropriate, however the clinic will be considered as an Official FIBA Refresher Clinic only if at least one of the FIBA Instructors is present and he/she confirms, with his/her signature, the results of the clinic.
The list of the FIBA International Referee Instructors for 2009 and after is as follows:

Ms. Chantal Julien (France), Mr. Miguel Betancor (FIBA Europe), Mr. Alan Richardson (England), Mr. Valentin Lazarov (Bulgaria), Mr. Mikhail Davydov (Russia), 
Mr. Geraldo Fontana (Brazi), Mr. Fred Horgan (Canada), Mr. Hank Nichols (USA), Mr. Terry Moore (USA), Mr. Anibal Garcia (FIBA Americas), Mr. Bill Mildenhall (Australia), Mr. John Martin (Australia), Mr. Nasratollah Jafarian (Iran), Mr. Kassem Dadouch (UAE), Colonel Lee Kak Kuan (FIBA Asia), Mr Lubomir Kotleba (FIBA)

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