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Official Basketball Rules 2010
As approved by FIBA Central Board
San Juan, Puerto Rico, 17th April 2010
Valid as of 1st October 2010
Table of Contents
Rule One / The Game
Art. 1 Definitions
Rule Two / Court and Equipment
Art. 2 Court
Art. 3 Equipment
Rule Three / Teams
Art. 4 Teams
Art. 5 Players: Injury
Art. 6 Captain: Duties and powers
Art. 7 Coaches: Duties and powers
Rule Four / Playing Regulations
Art. 8 Playing time, tied score and extra
Art. 9 Beginning and end of a period or
the game
Art. 10 Status of the ball
Art. 11 Location of a player and an official
Art. 12 Jump ball and alternating possession
Art. 13 How the ball is played
Art. 14 Control of the ball
Art. 15 Player in the act of shooting
Art. 16 Goal: When made and its value
Art. 17 Throw-in
Art. 18 Time-out
Art. 19 Substitution
Art. 20 Game lost by forfeit
Art. 21 Game lost by default
Rule Five / Violations
Art. 22 Violations
Art. 23 Player out-of-bounds and ball out-of-bounds
Art. 24 Dribbling
Art. 25 Travelling
Art. 26 Three seconds
Art. 27 Closely guarded player
Art. 28 Eight seconds
Art. 29 Twenty-four seconds
Art. 30 Ball returned to the backcourt
Art. 31 Goal tending and interference
Rule Six / Fouls
Art. 32 Fouls
Art. 33 Contact: General principles
Art. 34 Personal foul
Art. 35 Double foul
Art. 36 Unsportsmanlike foul
Art. 37 Disqualifying foul
Art. 38 Technical foul
Art. 39 Fighting
Rule Seven / General Provisions
Art. 40 Five fouls by a player
Art. 41 Team fouls: Penalty
Art. 42 Special situations
Art. 43 Free throws
Art. 44 Correctable errors
Rule Eight / Officials, Table Officials, Commissioner: Duties and Powers
Art. 45 Officials, table officials and
Art. 46 Referee: Duties and powers
Art. 47 Officials: Duties and powers
Art. 48 Scorer and assistant scorer: Duties
Art. 49 Timer: Duties
Art. 50 Twenty-four second operator: Duties
Administration Rules
A) Officials' Signals
B) The Scoresheet
C) Protest Procedure
D) Classification of Teams
E) Television (TV) Time-outs.
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Table of Content